Usamune Setup Guide

Usamune is a modded version of Mario 64 with a ton of practice features, including in-game timers and in-game savestates. This guide will cover the basics of setting up the Usamune ROM. If you want to learn more about the settings, you’re running Mac/Linux, or if you run into any issues, you can visit the ... Read more

Mario 64 Livesplit Setup Guide

Livesplit is a timer program that’s used by the majority of speedrunners. It can be used as a simple timer or have splits that allow you to track the time for parts of your run. It’s versatile and can be customized to most speedrunning needs. First, download Livesplit here. Then download this premade splits file ... Read more

Mario 64 Speedrunning Glossary

General Gaming and Speedrunning Glossary Speedrun – The practice of beating a game as fast as possible in a given category. Usually shortened to run. Example: I was having a good run but I kept missing Bowser throws.Categories – Different rule sets for a speedrun decided on by the community for that particular game. There ... Read more

How To Make Practice a Habit

You don’t need to practice eight hours a day to become good at a video game; it just requires daily deliberate practice. One to two hours a day of focused practice is usually all that’s required to become competent at a skill. If you’re patient and consistent, you will see growth, and you can still ... Read more

Mario 64 – 16 Star Speedrun Beginner Guide

This guide gives you everything you need to start speedrunning Mario 64.

Mario 64 Speedrunning Controller Guide

Note: All Amazon and eBay links are affiliate links. When it comes to speedrunning Mario 64, you have three viable controller options. The original N64 controller, which is widely considered the best controller. There’s the N64 Hori Pad Mini in a close second, and then there’s the original GameCube controller as the third viable option. ... Read more