How to Use the Mario 64 Practice Sheet

This is a guide on using the Practice Sheet created for the beginner 16 star route of Mario 64.

The first thing you want to do is make a copy onto your own Google Drive. Click File and click Make a copy.

  • When recording your best time on a stage, make sure you’re doing it in seconds.
    • 1 minute and 23 seconds will be recorded as 83 seconds.
  • The Goal Time can be filled with whatever time you want. It’s currently filled with the times from the linked videos.
  • The Difference column will automatically subtract the B column from the C column.

This is the practice tracking part of the table. It’s meant to be the running list of things you’re currently practicing.

  • Mastery is rated on your consistency and speed.
  • Practice Length is how you’re going to practice that technique during your practice session.
    • Example: Cannonless for 30 minutes.

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