Mario 64 Livesplit Setup Guide

Livesplit is a timer program that’s used by the majority of speedrunners. It can be used as a simple timer or have splits that allow you to track the time for parts of your run. It’s versatile and can be customized to most speedrunning needs.

First, download Livesplit here. Then download this premade splits file created by Max25 on Go ahead and put the splits file somewhere in the Livesplit file.

We’re going to cover the basics of setting up Livesplit with a pre-created splits file for Mario 64. If you want to create your own segments and learn how to style Livesplit, check out this video.

If you’re making your own splits, you can download all the Mario 64 segment icons here.

Opening the Splits File

After you’ve extracted Livesplit, open Livesplit.exe, and you should see a basic timer, like the one below.

Right-click the timer and go to Open Splits.

If you see Super Mario 64 Category Extensions – 16 Star No LBLJ. You can go ahead and just click on that.

If not, then click From file...
Next, navigate to wherever you put the Super Mario 64 – 16 Star No LBLJ.lss file.

Note: Once you open a splits file, Livesplit will automatically open that splits file when you open Livesplit.exe


Right click Livesplit and go to Settings.

The above window will open. Go ahead and set the hotkeys for the following:
Undo Split
Skip Split
You can copy my hotkeys or set your own.
Note: Start/Split is set to the D-pad Left button on my controller.

Start/Split: Starts your timer and if pressed again will move to the next split.
Global Hotkeys: Allows Livesplit to accept commands even if it’s not the window that’s active.

Next make sure Global Hotkeys, Double Tap Prevention, and Allow Gamepads as Hotkeys are enabled. Don’t worry about the other settings. They aren’t relevant to get started.


There’s a ton of options for layouts. This guide is going to keep it really simple and only look at Timers, and Sum of Best. If you need help with more customization options, watch the video linked in the beginning.


You have the option between two timers. The image below shows your choices. The basic timer on the right only shows the time of the whole run.

The Detailed Timer on the left has a bit more going on. The 7.55 time is the timer for the whole run, and the 1.65 time is the segment (split) timer.

PB is the time you got on your best overall run and Best is the best time you’ve ever got for that segment.

If you want to keep the basic timer, then you can move on to Sum of Best.

If you want the detailed timer, click on the + button > go to Timer > click Detailed Timer.

The arrow buttons will change the order of things. Feel free to order the layout however you want. I keep my timer above Previous Segment and Sum of Best.

Sum of Best

The Sum of Best is the time you would get if you were to take all your best times for each segment and add them together. Essentially, it’s the best run time you can get at your current skill level.

To get the Sum of Best, click on the + button > go to Information> click Sum of Best.

Use the up and down arrows to order your layout however you want. I like my Sum of Best on the bottom.

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