Star 12 – Hazy Maze Cave: A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit

There are two ways to do this star. The top video shows the easier, slower way and he also includes some backup strategies in case you mess up.

The second video shows the harder, faster, and unforgiving way. If you mess up your triple jump or mess up your angle and somehow survive, you have three options for a backup strategy:
1. Finish the star. Do a side flip to wall jump from the platform with the heart on it. If you get the angle right this time, you’ll make it to the upper platform.
2. Go ahead and do Star 14 (Rolling Rocks) and try this one again next time around
3. Do Star 15 (Swimming Beast) star and try this one again.

First video made by: TeabagSRL
Second video made by: toastrider91

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