Mario 64 Notes

These notes are mainly for reference. You definitely need to watch the videos as some parts depend on visual examples to make sense. Advanced Speedrunning Principles – Episode 2: How To Practice Video here You want to eliminate downtime during practice. Save states are the best way to repeat attempts on techniques quickly. Save states … Read more

Usamune Setup Guide

Usamune is a modded version of Mario 64 with a ton of practice features, including in-game timers and in-game savestates. This guide will cover the basics of setting up the Usamune ROM. If you want to learn more about the settings, you’re running Mac/Linux, or if you run into any issues, you can visit the … Read more

Mario 64 Livesplit Setup Guide

Livesplit is a timer program that’s used by the majority of speedrunners. It can be used as a simple timer or have splits that allow you to track the time for parts of your run. It’s versatile and can be customized to most speedrunning needs. First, download Livesplit here. Then download this premade splits file … Read more